For starters it is important to differentiate our different services.
To know where your data is stored and under what responsibility.           
  • Big Data: Our data marketing (World Directory)
  • Customers: Customers who use one or more of our services
  • CRM : Customers who store our customer and prospect data on our servers
  • Dedicated server : dedicated server rentals





Big data is a big data with data that is used for communication.
            This database is reported in England ( ) with ZA314939.
            It complies with the new regulation  :

  • Encrypted data
  • Modification and deletion of data by the interested party
  • Display of crossed data
  • Showing the source

Our customers can use this data to carry out their campaign but without having access to their content.




Our customer database only lists people who voluntarily register on one of our services.


We collect the following data for security and statistical reasons  :

  • IP
  • Email
  • Passwords
  • Phone
  • Places
  • Date of registration

This data is not shared or passed on to third parties.

The CRM service provides our customers with a script for managing their customer and prospect data.
They must indicate the source of their file and the mandatory data on the platform to comply with the regulation.
On our side we secure the data and provide the means for the customer to modify the data.
Dedicated Servers

The data stored on our rental servers are not under our responsibility, we do not have access to this data.

 However, if you receive emails from these servers and you want to block your email so that we do not receive email from our network, it is possible to subscribe to our antispam service , you will not receive any more emails from these customers.
 Your email will be stored on a blacklist that blocks any emailing to this list.

Big data

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